Measuring the impacts of broadcast ads on online behavior

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TV Ads influence online behaviour because people are using multiple screens while watching TV

Measuring the online effects provides opportunities to optimize your broadcast media plan, to select the best performing ads (creatives, spots), placement and timing and to leverage second screen effect via synchronizing your online campaigns to your or your competitor'sTV Ads. We created an online tool which detects TV and radio ads anywhere, anytime and generate the appropriate signal flow for the analysis. Our solution is powered by RoBserver sound recognition technology.

Upload your ads

Upload your ads in .wav format. In case of TV Ads, we need only the sound file since our system is based on sound recognition technology.

Select TV Channel

Select the channel where you want to monitor when your ads are broadcasted in real time. If you not find the channel you want to monitor, please send us an email with your request.


In case of a match (i.e when your ads were broadcasted on the selected channel), a hit (a timestamp) is generated. You can select to upload hits to your Google Analytics account directly and can download all the hits data in .csv file format from the system. and can use any analytics system offline for deep analyzis.

MEDIASCAN is in Beta testing now

All you need to do is to Login and test the service free of charge now.
Also the number of monitored channels are limited now, we are working on adding more channels continuously.
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